I often can and my friends to discuss hockey. From there they can always get some things about the NHL hockey.These agents are the same ones that represent Brad Richards.  Remember how they tried to create that whole made for tv- where will he sign event last July 1?  Well they are the same guys.

So they have talked this kid, who has NEVER played a game in the NHL, to screw the team that drafted him and be a free agent through a CBA loophole.

The Anaheim Ducks drafted this kid with a valuable 2nd round pick.  His agents discovered that if he quit school, the University of Wisconsin, he could become a free agent.


I believe that you will also have such friends. Because like hockey many people. Like the NHL game many people. I believe that you will not lack of friends.What do the Ducks get out of this?  A big F*** You!  That’s a shitty thing to do to them.  To a franchise that used a 2nd round pick on you.  What a way to repay them.

Now there are, allegedly, 26 teams vying for the services of this kid.  A kid who is a good college hockey player.  Not every good college hockey player can be effective in the NHL.

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