the injuries definitely factor in. but that trade last yr was awful. they basically let the Sox off the hook with those bad contracts. and look at Boston now. big Magic fan in his Laker days...but as a Dodger partner, epic fail.cheap jerseys free shipping..along with the other partners. Hanley Ramirez trade too. another bad deal. they're married to Big Taco and Gonzo for 5+ more yrs at $20M per season. have fun with that. Beckett is a waste. and to think, LA threw in their best prospect to Boston...makes u wonder how bad and fast Selig wanted to get McCourt to sell that team to whoever cheap mlb jerseys

You missed the big dumb manager. Big error on you. He doesn't hit and run with a team that can't score. He BUNTS to move Crawford and Gordon over, who are ROOTED to the bag on orders from Mattingly. He keeps hitting Kemp 3rd even tho for WEEKS Kemp has killed rallies before Gonzalez can get up; over 10 times now, AGon has a hit leading of the inning after Kemp hit into double plays, or struck out, or ground out, or flied out, killing the rally and ending the inning. All that, and much more, is on the Dodgers' Dumb Mattingly, the Anti-Dodger.Cheap Cincinnati Reds Jerseys

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